First time?

So you’ve been fantasising on the thought of someone, probably a Dominant woman or a matronly Lady in applying a cane or flogger to your ass for a good few years now.
Or perhaps the thought of being tied down so your body becomes an immovable piece of meat, while your stiff cock is tortured with rope, weights and clothes pegs is more of a turn on?
There are dozens of mutually shared fantasies involving BDSM in one form or another and they are surprisingly common among people of all ages, walks of life and sexual inclinations. Some easy on the mind, others more complicated and highly personal. But all serve to arouse and stimulate and they can be often be made real with a good Dominant.
Most fantasies involve sexual stimulation to some degree, but sex is not the be all and end all of BDSM and the mental side of submission/domination can be far more of a turn to most.
Subs who book sessions with myself expecting to fuck me or have me suck them off are sadly mistaken, as I will do neither.
What I can and will enact is a variety of scenarios using a varied collection of toys, implements and a head full of disgusting and pervy ideas.

I recommend new subs and players take the time to read as much about Dominance and submission as they can.

Sadly the best place to find information is now gone.
So here are a variety of sites ( ask if you want a ‘friends invite’)

There are dozens of books, of varying quality, on bdsm, fetishism and femdom. Amazon has a good many of them and also reviews. It’s hard to recommend anything as what works for one person may not work for another.
I suggest reading many, to get a broad idea of themes, attitudes and ideas in bdsm.

I am frequently asked by new subs as to what they can expect during a session and so I have jotted down a few scenes I have done to give rough ideas of activities I particularly enjoy.

  • Bondage: To bind you tightly with leather or rope, cuffs, bindings or bondage bags until you are completely restricted in movement and have your body paid open to my demands.
  • Caning and Twilting: I can deliver accurate, tidy, stripes from mild to judicial. I enjoy caning very much and am happy to introduce a newbie to the delights of the cane and always at the pace the sub can cope with. Twilting is the delivery of light, rapid taps to stimulate the body.
  • Cock and ball bondage/torture (CBT): Your cock and balls, separated, pulled, stretched, squashed, squeezed and sensually hurt for my pleasure with rope, twine, flogger, weights and if you are very good, my high heels.
  • Collars and cuffs: All for pleasurable restraint. A well dressed sub has collar and cuffs on all four limbs ready to be tied and restrained for his Mistress’s pleasure.
  • Corporal Punishment:I am happy to administer pain with cane, flogger, tawse, hand, strap, rubber plimsoll, hairbrush and anything in between. If you crave pain and need the rush from it being applied carefully and with maximum effect, then you only have to ask.
  • Cross Dressing: If you yearn to wear sexy undies, stockings and heels then I have a small selection of garments that will bring out the sexy sensualist in you.
  • Electro play:The art of applied electrical stimulation, to pressure points on the body to maximum stimulatory effect. All electro play is done with maximum care and safety in mind.
  • Gagging: With a ball, penis, inflatable or ring gag. Perhaps my dirty used knickers will keep you quiet?
  • Mummification:You can have cling film or sarin wrap bound tightly around your body while upright or laid flat on a board. Full body or just neck to ankles, then holes cut into the wrap around strategic parts of the body that I may wish to play with or torture.
  • Nipple clamping and stretching/weights: I love to clamp, pinch, twist and bite a subs pathetic little nips. Then send you home sore, with them rubbing on your shirt with every step you take.
  • Retraction: A unique activity not suitable for all subs, but if you are in possession of a foreskin that eases back fully then I will slowly and firmly pull it right back to the base, and hold it there, until you can take no more. Delicious and exquisite cock torture.
  • Sensory deprivation: Can be achieved with blindfolds, hoods, body sacks and earplugs to immerse you in darkness and silence where the only thing you can do is feel what I am doing to you.
  • Shoe Fetish/Worshipping: I have a very extensive collection of over 25 pairs of heeled shoes and boots in all designs too, for worship, trampling, licking and general enjoyment.
  • Wax play: Nothing finer than drips of hot wax on those delicate places. I possess a selection of candles of different varieties for different heats and effects all ready for use on those who desire the pain of wax play

All my sessions with new subs start with a welcome to the dungeon room, and a few minutes chat about health and welfare.
I will gauge your nervousness and whether your body language indicates to me if you are comfy or not with me.
Nervous subs will be reassured and I will give you your safe word to use to stop play during the session, explain how I should be addressed, ask if you can be marked and to what degree, if CP is to be part of the session, and answer any questions you may have. I will take the time I consider necessary to make you feel at ease, be that 2 minutes, 10 or more.
Good, safe play cannot be rushed.
Having said that I DO NOT procrastinate and waste your money. You are paying for my time, my time is precious…and you will get what you pay for.

Then I will ask you to go undress, shower or wash then rejoin me in the dungeon room – then we can begin actual play:

Vertical Restraint

A good starter is a vertical restraint. Arms risen above the head and bound to the overhead cuffs. Legs spread wide with either a spreader bar attached to ankle cuffs or by means of ties to the floor cleats.

Once bound to my satisfaction I will then examine you. I will run my fingers and hands over your body. ALL of your body.
I will gauge your reaction and sensitivity to my hands.
Do you prefer a light touch or firm? To some people the lightest of touches is ticklish agony while a grip on a body part that leaves bruises is delightful. Having spent a few moments acquainting myself with your body we then move on.

I may blindfold you, and begin work on some cock torture. I do not use a gag on a first play session unless specifically requested. I believe it takes a huge amount of trust to allow me to just tie you up, to remove your ability to speak may be one step to far to begin with, so I leave the mouth free so I can get feedback on what I am doing, and allow a few sighs, squeaks and moans which I love to listen to. The moaning is always my favourite!

I cannot specifically say what I would do in cock play as every ‘one’ is different but, some ideas I may do are use different types of string/twine/rope on your cock in various ties, add weights to stretch it, retract the foreskin and tie it back, add a dozen clothes pegs, tie each ball separately and stretch them, tie cock and balls in a crotch and waist rope to confine them.
All sorts of different things.

While you’re tied I may apply a flogger, cane or strap to your body.
I may tug on your nipples with my fingertips or clamp them.
Return my attention to your hardened and aching cock. A slow massaging of the glans with a lubed leather glove is an exquisite sensation!
Or perhaps attach my sandpaper covered tube that can be tied around your cock and then wank you with. Pleasure and pain all wrapped up in one neat device
A regular scene such as this lasts between 10 and 30 minutes depending on fitness of the sub.

Inescapable bondage

My greatest passion! I enjoy tying with the bet quality rope, or the nastiest scratchiest. Chain, cling wrap, bondage bags, duck tape, cable ties, stockings, plastic bags, metal cuffs, silk scarves….you name it and I can probably tie you up in it.
Once tied you are ignored. Maybe poked in a few interesting places, but you are no longer of interest to me, and I will find something more interesting to do, until I decide to free you. No amount of begging will persuade me sooner!
I like short term 30 minutes ties, or much longer restriction for hours….

Flogging and Caning

I personally prefer to flog in an upright position, with the upper body slightly bent forwards so the shoulders and back above the waist, ass and thighs are easily accessible.
Blindfolding and a few pegs applied to the balls and cock tend to make a sub stand still and reduce wriggling!
I begin slowly and gently at first, a soft thuddier and less stingy flogger to begin with.
Warming the flesh, with slow deliberate strokes watching it ‘pink’ up and watching the sub for signs of a problem or more enjoyably signs of pleasure.
I may change floggers to a sharper more stingy type or one with more impact and continue to work the body on the back, above the waist only, backside and back of the thighs. You should never be flogged or have CP administered between the top of the ass and waist as damage to internal organs can occur.
Some subs prefer to stick with a flogger for less marking or just choice. Others like to move to the cane once they are sufficiently warmed up. I will check restraints and may move a sub to a bent over position to give me a chance to rub the back with my free hand as I enjoy skin to skin contact while delivering the cane.
How many strokes and to what intensity they are given is a judgement I make at the time, based on experience of the sub, scene we are in ie punishment or pure pleasure, and how aroused and enthusiastic the sub is.
Painsluts are easily discernible from those who are not. Those who enjoy the thrill of the cane will be given all they can take and maybe a touch more. I love to push your limits but always safely, sanely and on an entirely consensual basis.

These are just a very few of my enjoyable activities.
It has been commented on that my list of activities on my site is small compared to many. A simple explanation would be that somethings I have yet to learn and I don’t experiment on my subs. Once I have learned a new activity to my satisfaction then I add it to the list. Somethings you never stop learning and my rope work knowledge increases all the time. Some activities I do not have the facilities to do at the dungeon and others I choose not to do either for health reasons or pure dislike. My list of activities is comfortable for me. I am completely confident in what I offer and feel no need to compete.

However, I am always open to sensible, intelligent new ideas, scenes, activities especially from subs who have a deep, serious submissive side. A real submissive is a joy to behold and I will indulge those who serve faithfully and enjoy pushing their depth of submission to me.