Progress report…

Posted: May 24, 2018 in Daily Posts

..and I can report good progress.

Having had a bit of a hiatus with our plasterer falling off a ladder and being out of action for two weeks, we are now back on track.

Plastering finished this week, then it’s painting time. Bathroom is almost completed, just flooring to go down.

Windows to paint and skirting board, and then flooring in main room. New storage units and then moving in kit ( which has been patiently stored in a HUGE flight case in the garage)

I cannot wait to get finished and in there….. ;-)

About 8 weeks I hope….

MM x

‘Op north we go…

Posted: May 4, 2018 in Daily Posts

Yes I am off for one of my regular working holidays in Scotland this week. I will next be available on 21st May for bookings.

Looks like you going to get lovely weather in and around London, meanwhile it forecast for rain in the far north west.


Oh well.

My partner and I are taking our female slave with us so I have a feeling it is going to be a painful week for her and an amusing one for us. However I really do have to get some work done up there, so she can’t spend the entire week with her head between my legs. Only 90% perhaps….. :-P


Meanwhile the studio is moving forwards and we have a shower now, and soon plaster on the walls.

The place is not going to be decorated in a traditional dungeon style, I’m pretty tired of red and back I have to say, so it will be a light airy domestic colour, probably a soft yellow to make it cosy.

A colour scheme that can accommodate many different styles of play is important. Many people are moving away from the traditional ‘dungeon’ look of a playspace as it is really a bit old hat I feel.

There will be parking only 10 metres from the door, and I cannot wait to start receiving subs and slaves for sessions there.

It’s been a long, long time coming…

MM x

Plaster dust in your hair is…

Posted: April 30, 2018 in Daily Posts

…simply not sexy, not unless you have a Nurse/patient thing going on and want the dust sheen from the hair, mixed with water and then applied to a limb.

Probably not quite enough for that at the moment, because thankfully most of the plaster is going on the walls.

‘What walls’ I hear you cry? The walls of my new studio of course.

Yes, things are moving along nicely, and we have gone from the demolition stage, to the acres of timber stage, to the endless sheets of plaster board and Kingspan stage and now it’s plastering, sanding down windows and filling, plumbing, etc etc.

It’s still going to be a couple of months. I really hope a beginning of July kick off will be on the cards, and I can’t bloody wait.

A purpose built, completely discreet, rurally located, private parking, easy to access entrance studio with bathroom including HUGE shower and all my usual bits and pieces. I will have overhead suspension, spanking bench, bondage chair, a new torture table, cock press, fucking machine and so, so much more….

My studio will only be available for thoroughly vetted and 100% sensible and trustworthy subs and slaves who value an unhurried, quality BDSM session focusing on extreme bondage with strait jacket, body bag and rope or chain, Estim electrics, wax play, cbt, nipple play, predicament bondage, objectification, intense pain play, plug insertion, water sports, and a new favourite of mine is ‘tied up, plugged, gagged and just left lying in a corner for an hour’ – I’m sure there is a fancy name for it, but you get the idea.

Simply can’t wait…but first off to Scotland for a week to frighten the deer and sheep. :-)


Bloody snow…

Posted: March 20, 2018 in Daily Posts

It had to happen.

Worst winter that I am ensconced in the countryside and we have the worst weather on 5 years….

I sincerely hope the damn snow is going to go now.

It’s been a pretty uphill battle recently with illness, selling houses, then long cold wet winter and now finally we have started building new studio. At last!!!

We have a building, with a floor and internal walls next on the list.

Electrics, plumbing, then reams of plasterboard and finally decorating.

It’s all take  so  long and I know many of you thought it was never going to happen. I NEVER thought to was going to happen. But 2018 is the year of the recovered kinky mojo and please, can we have some nice warm weather….am tired of the wet and cold.

Pics will be posted on the private blog as we go. I’ll try get some later today.

Still available at Gatwick and also recently used a nice little place down near Bexhill.

MM x

And finally…

Posted: January 17, 2018 in Daily Posts

So after many months of waiting, prevarication, planning irritation and simply trying to work out the best way to do things, we are about to embark on building the new studio.


The ground will be cleared in a week or so’s time, and we can begin to build, assuming we don’t end up with as much snow as Scotland in the immediate future.

It will be about the size of my previous playroom in Oxfordshire, with a toilet and shower and be warm, snug and perfect for play. There will be a central beam for upright play, a bondage chair, spanking bench and a very robust table for tying subs and slaves to. I have new kit such as a leather body bag/sleep sack for use and all my usual toys and activities will be up for use.

I am beyond excited and really hope that we’ll be ready for use around mid April.

Now, I will only be doing a certain number of sessions a week. I have several businesses as many of you know and am madly busy all the time.

So I will only be seeing subs and slaves I want to.

If you wish to contact me to express and interest on seeing me at my new venue, please mail me. Be quick, I already have quite a few regulars who will transfer from Gatwick and other venues. I have very limited places.

Please note the it will only be accessible by car, or on the Victoria line around 45 minutes out of London. There is a local station I can collect you from.

I look forward to hearing from you…

MM x

First post of the Year…

Posted: January 3, 2018 in Daily Posts

Happy New Ears to you all, and first post of the year to say, I’ll already a few bookings, so don’t delay if you were going to see me in January.

Catch up soon,

MM x

Spiking stats…

Posted: December 27, 2017 in Daily Posts

It always amazes me that on the 25th and 26th of December every year I get  spike in my stats.

So all of you out there stuck with the in laws on Christmas day, still find time to check in on my blog.

Sorry there wasn’t anything exciting to find, however those of you who have access to my private blog might enjoy tonights offering.

Access to my private blog is only for subs who have sessions with me, so if you want to see goodies, then you need to come for a session…simples….

Happy New Ears and see you soon

MM x

Christmas is a coming…

Posted: November 28, 2017 in Daily Posts

..and I’m already pretty well booked.

If you are new and considering coming to see me, please follow the directions on the ‘How to Book’ page.

It’s important. I DO NOT do same day bookings. I need 48 hours notice at least and many subs book weeks in advance to guarantee the day they want.

Have a good look at my calendar before you enquire too,

MM x


Posted: November 19, 2017 in Daily Posts

So we have reached November and thankfully my house is now sold and I have some sanity back in my life, plus a new car that is a tad more reliable.

The next plan is the build my new studio, but due to it now being winter, damn cold and bit damp, we will begin in Jan. By end of Spring I should finally have my new place ready to receive visitors.

I cannot wait….I so miss my own place…

Until then, I do have a lovely collection of places to hold sessions, plus have treated myself to a couple of toys, a penis pump and a leather sleep sack.

I feel that combined together I can make suffering and even more enjoyable art form.

If you fancy trying them out, consult my calendar and book a session.

MM x

Availability in October

Posted: October 20, 2017 in Daily Posts

I have only three days available now, until  13th November.

The 25th, 30th and 31st

I am working away in Scotland after that until the 12th November.

If you have previously seen me in my own studio and are concerned about issues of privacy when hiring another studio or dungeon, don’t be. Privacy and discretion is the watchword for all kink based venue owners.

MM x