How to book and fees

This is the only way to contact me to book a session:

1) Look at my availability calendar and my venues page and pick a day and time

My fees are

£150 for 1 hour.

£200 for 2 hours  

£300 for 3 hours.

Plus the hire fee for the particular venue in full.

My travel costs and any other costs associate with the session are included.

A 50% deposit is required for all NEW bookings, these can be made through a variety of ways, please contact me for details. 

i.e. 2 hours at Gatwick = £64 + 2 hours fees  at 50% is £100 = £164 with remaining £100 on the day. 

Longer sessions including overnight, shopping trips and escorting to FemDom events are by arrangement (but you will have to have seen me at least once)

Please check my venues page for the details of location, travel arrangements etc for each venue. Bookings are subject to the venue being available on the day you require – so have a couple of dates in mind to help with the booking process. 

2) Email me at a concise mail about your experience (if none, say so) health, hard limits, anything you particularly enjoy and anything else you feel is relevant.

I no longer do same day sessions. I am extremely busy, I will take a booking weeks in advance. As such, I do not need to take same day sessions, and as I enjoy time to prepare, I choose not to take them any more. I need a minimum of 48 hours before a booking.

I DO NOT take bookings by phone

3)You MUST text me before 9am on session day to confirm your attendance for pre booked sessions. 

4)On the day follow the instructions I give you carefully on how to find me. Print the directions off and take them with you. Or use a Sat nav.

5) If you don’t treat me with respect and courtesy, don’t expect it returned.


Replies welcome...

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