Seasonal change….

Posted: September 11, 2018 in Daily Posts

The evenings are getting cooler, and soon it will be Autumn and I will have more work with my other businesses, so pay attention chaps.

I am now taking bookings from Monday 8th October onwards. The previous week is fully booked.

I have from Monday 8th through to Thursday 25th for bookings. I am also available for the weekends of 13th/14th and 20th/21st. I don’t usually do weekends, unless by special request, but I’m away at the end go October again and I know some of you are having issues fitting in seeing me around work and me being away.

Beginning of November I will be back for the following few weeks until Christmas.

I have had a few enquiries asking for next day bookings. You need to follow my directions on how to book from my website.

I have good reasons as to why I follow these procedures:

  1. It weeds out the timewasters. Imagine if you lost a third of your income each week from a no show or flippant cancellation. You’d be pretty pissed off and I am too.
  2. It shows you are a submissive, or have submissive tendencies in kink play. You can do as you are told.
  3. It protects my privacy. I don’t ask you for personal details, and I’m not giving you any of mine until I’m sure I wish to session with you.
  4. It’s just polite. If your plumber wants to be contacted by email, you email him and don’t ring him. Or you dentist wants you to confirm your appointment by phone three days before, you call him three days before. So just follow my rules please.
  5. It shows you have read my website. REALLY read my website. My website is my gigantic advert to tell you all about ME! And as you are coming see ME then surely it’s probably  a good idea to know as much as you can about me.


So no I won’t see you the following day, or even that week. Good things take time to organise. If you thinking that you’ll whizz in and out of my life in an hour and that’s that, then you are approaching seeing me in completely the wrong manner. Not happening chaps.

You all pay me a lot of money for my professionalism and quality of session. Why rush it and waste that precious time. Enjoy the whole process from booking to after session email and the fabulous bits inbetween.

MM x

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