Nekkid or not?

Posted: August 9, 2018 in Daily Posts

A point of interest came up in a discussion with a potential sub today.

How the Mistress looks in a session.

The images I have on this site and the ones I use to advertise are fairly classic type of images. Cleavage, bums, boobs, tight skirts etc. They are advertising images. I might look like that at the beginning of a session, if required, but I certainly won’t be at the end.

When I am in session, as most of my regular subs know, the kit comes off.

I’m not a clothes horse, or a woman who is very much interested in appearance on the whole. I’m clean and tidy etc, but clothes and tying rope are a bit of an issue. You get hot. It’s hard physical work. You sweat. Bra and knicks are the obvious choice for a session (however, I have gone starkers if I feel like it – closet nudist that I am, if the sub or slave has no issue with my lovely wobbly bits.)

It’s my prerogative to choose how I work, and you need to be comfy with that. If you are not and need certain clothing to make the session work for you, then be clear when we both first start talking. This sub has been clear and we are discussing such matters.

MM x

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