Whistle while you work….

Posted: August 2, 2018 in Daily Posts

..if you are a certain age then a line from ‘Dads Army’ has just popped into your head. Failing that ‘Snow white and the Seven Short People’.

But I digress.

I have lovely bookings coming in. Squeeeeeee!

I am working in my OWN studio in my OWN property and it’s bloody fab.

So pleased to get back to doing regular rope work, and electrics (I missed my electrics box)

Obviously the vast majority of my kit has been packed away from around 18 months. And getting everything out the other week was like making fiends all over again with my lovely toys and kit. Oh, I remember when I used that in…and Ahh that’s comfy flogger etc etc

I had packed it all away quite carefully. Nothing was damaged or broken. I still have a few bags of bits and pieces to find, and cross dressing sessions are off the menu until I can find my clothing bags which are in the loft somewhere (and who wants to rummage in a loft in this heat??? – perhaps I should make that a new form of torture?)

So overall, it’s all going in the right direction.

Remember, if you haven’t seen me before, you NEED to organise a call before you book. You can do it well in advance so that if you want to book with just 24 hours notice, you can do so. I am not accepting any bookings with anyone I don’t feel 100% comfortable with (and you have to feel comfy with me of course)

see you soon

MM x

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