‘Op north we go…

Posted: May 4, 2018 in Daily Posts

Yes I am off for one of my regular working holidays in Scotland this week. I will next be available on 21st May for bookings.

Looks like you going to get lovely weather in and around London, meanwhile it forecast for rain in the far north west.


Oh well.

My partner and I are taking our female slave with us so I have a feeling it is going to be a painful week for her and an amusing one for us. However I really do have to get some work done up there, so she can’t spend the entire week with her head between my legs. Only 90% perhaps….. :-P


Meanwhile the studio is moving forwards and we have a shower now, and soon plaster on the walls.

The place is not going to be decorated in a traditional dungeon style, I’m pretty tired of red and back I have to say, so it will be a light airy domestic colour, probably a soft yellow to make it cosy.

A colour scheme that can accommodate many different styles of play is important. Many people are moving away from the traditional ‘dungeon’ look of a playspace as it is really a bit old hat I feel.

There will be parking only 10 metres from the door, and I cannot wait to start receiving subs and slaves for sessions there.

It’s been a long, long time coming…

MM x

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