Plaster dust in your hair is…

Posted: April 30, 2018 in Daily Posts

…simply not sexy, not unless you have a Nurse/patient thing going on and want the dust sheen from the hair, mixed with water and then applied to a limb.

Probably not quite enough for that at the moment, because thankfully most of the plaster is going on the walls.

‘What walls’ I hear you cry? The walls of my new studio of course.

Yes, things are moving along nicely, and we have gone from the demolition stage, to the acres of timber stage, to the endless sheets of plaster board and Kingspan stage and now it’s plastering, sanding down windows and filling, plumbing, etc etc.

It’s still going to be a couple of months. I really hope a beginning of July kick off will be on the cards, and I can’t bloody wait.

A purpose built, completely discreet, rurally located, private parking, easy to access entrance studio with bathroom including HUGE shower and all my usual bits and pieces. I will have overhead suspension, spanking bench, bondage chair, a new torture table, cock press, fucking machine and so, so much more….

My studio will only be available for thoroughly vetted and 100% sensible and trustworthy subs and slaves who value an unhurried, quality BDSM session focusing on extreme bondage with strait jacket, body bag and rope or chain, Estim electrics, wax play, cbt, nipple play, predicament bondage, objectification, intense pain play, plug insertion, water sports, and a new favourite of mine is ‘tied up, plugged, gagged and just left lying in a corner for an hour’ – I’m sure there is a fancy name for it, but you get the idea.

Simply can’t wait…but first off to Scotland for a week to frighten the deer and sheep. :-)


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