Bloody snow…

Posted: March 20, 2018 in Daily Posts

It had to happen.

Worst winter that I am ensconced in the countryside and we have the worst weather on 5 years….

I sincerely hope the damn snow is going to go now.

It’s been a pretty uphill battle recently with illness, selling houses, then long cold wet winter and now finally we have started building new studio. At last!!!

We have a building, with a floor and internal walls next on the list.

Electrics, plumbing, then reams of plasterboard and finally decorating.

It’s all take  so  long and I know many of you thought it was never going to happen. I NEVER thought to was going to happen. But 2018 is the year of the recovered kinky mojo and please, can we have some nice warm weather….am tired of the wet and cold.

Pics will be posted on the private blog as we go. I’ll try get some later today.

Still available at Gatwick and also recently used a nice little place down near Bexhill.

MM x

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