And finally…

Posted: January 17, 2018 in Daily Posts

So after many months of waiting, prevarication, planning irritation and simply trying to work out the best way to do things, we are about to embark on building the new studio.


The ground will be cleared in a week or so’s time, and we can begin to build, assuming we don’t end up with as much snow as Scotland in the immediate future.

It will be about the size of my previous playroom in Oxfordshire, with a toilet and shower and be warm, snug and perfect for play. There will be a central beam for upright play, a bondage chair, spanking bench and a very robust table for tying subs and slaves to. I have new kit such as a leather body bag/sleep sack for use and all my usual toys and activities will be up for use.

I am beyond excited and really hope that we’ll be ready for use around mid April.

Now, I will only be doing a certain number of sessions a week. I have several businesses as many of you know and am madly busy all the time.

So I will only be seeing subs and slaves I want to.

If you wish to contact me to express and interest on seeing me at my new venue, please mail me. Be quick, I already have quite a few regulars who will transfer from Gatwick and other venues. I have very limited places.

Please note the it will only be accessible by car, or on the Victoria line around 45 minutes out of London. There is a local station I can collect you from.

I look forward to hearing from you…

MM x

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