Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

Posted: October 15, 2017 in Daily Posts

So Mr weinerstein finally got caught.

One guy of many, sadly.

RainDeGrey’s post  ‘An uncomfortable truth’ sums many omens feelings up quite nicely about sexual predators. ( It’s on Fetlife, you need to sign in to read it)

This is yet one more reason why I really like sub men. Not cos they know their place. Not cos they are ‘worms’ to be used and abused ( although in a play context that is good fun) but cos they have bloody manners and treat women and true equals.

They know where the sexual boundary lines run. They know that coercion, pressuring and whining until you get your knickers off (with that slight hint of menace going on in the background ‘ I AM bigger that you’) is just wrong.

They are supposed in the cartoon world, to treat you like some amazing goddess of porn. But they don’t REAL sub guys treat you like an equal. A person who is more than just tits and ass.

Now there are some non sub guys who also treat women well, but very few ( I have my own lovely on in my life) but most men grow up ‘entitled’:

I’m bigger/stronger than you, I can fuck you if I want to.

Now spend your day having that in the back of your head and see what its like being a woman. Seriously, try it. It’s a bit of an eye opener.

MM x


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