The sun is shining…

Posted: October 8, 2017 in Daily Posts

…however I have a horrid cold.

Currently down to 50 tissues an hour from a top rate of around 120 yesterday evening.

Cold and flu tablets on standby and Mrs May has given me the remainder of her Strepsils ( apparently Boris has gone home now so she feels better)  and all I need now is a sub to massage my feet and place them gently on a hot water bottle.

House still not exchanged/completed so any volunteers who want to lend me a million quid are very welcome right now, please give me a call/text/carrier pigeon.

Someone told me it was ‘Christmas in 100 and something days’ yesterday in a horribly cheery manner. I think my sarcastically raised eyebrow said it all….

Christmas is banned this year….


MM x


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