No more complete bloody wusses…..

Posted: September 5, 2017 in Daily Posts

September is going to whizz passed in a flash, and I have plenty happening in it, including I hope,  a house sale ( fingers crossed)

Once thats all done and dusted and I have enjoyed a nice break in Malta, then it’s nose back to the grindstone.

For the immediate future I am going to continue renting other premises. There is a huge variety of really good, well-equipped places all over the UK now and I’m happy to travel and my fees are very reasonable ( in comparison to many Mistresses)

I am also really enjoying the hotel room based sessions which I do for extreme bondage and restraint in a domestic setting. Rope plus bath equals extreme breath play….. ;-D

I’m going to be announcing so new types of sessions, beginning in October. Shorter and longer than before. New types to stretch the imagination and promote interest for real submissive and slaves who appreciate an immaculately thought out session and executed perfectly. Perfectly enough to give you goosebumps! After 11 years as a professional Mistress the hum drum no longer rocks my boat.

So for example – Extreme bondage sessions. No safe word caning sessions with minimum numbers of strokes. Extreme stress position sessions, with no release until set period has been achieved.

As I am going to be involved in a new business venture soon, I am going to be reducing my available session days down to three days a week only. So, that helps me keep my edge and make sure it all works smoothly.

I’m going to be buying a few new toys too. :-)

So keep and eye out here for more news…

MM x

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