Silence is not golden….

Posted: August 17, 2017 in Daily Posts

…nor is it desirable.

I haven’t been very visible recently and that’s because I am still trying to sell my house! I’m on to a fourth set of buyers and it’s like pulling teeth with a pair of pliers while swimming through treacle.

If you are contemplating selling at the moment, DON’T. Just don’t.

The housing market is bloody awful and the sharks have even bigger teeth than usual.

It’s taken my buyer, who is ready and myself 10 days just to get his buyer to sort out his survey. We had to threaten to pull out together them to get on with it. Why? No idea. Just slow, slow and slow.

So I am spending a huge amount of time chasing, etc an it’s really cutting into work days. I am still available for sessions, check my calendar, but apologies for a few less days available.

I’m off to sharpen my teeth for another day of phone calls….

MM x

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