Reassuringly Expensive

Posted: May 27, 2017 in Daily Posts

Some things in life are a bit pricey.
Bit like me.
I have just decided to raise my prices.

Having been working professionally now for 10 years, I have a huge amount of experience, professionalism, savvy and nouse, which are all extremely important for being a Professional Dominant.

When you session with me you are not just getting a chick in high heels with whip. You are getting great session planning, deep thought, communication, emergency planning, responsibility, good time keeping, plus a pair of high heels, beautiful clothes, great kit and of course … good self. You will also definitely get a chat and cup afterwards, sometimes counselling, a hug, reassurance that you are quite normal and hopefully a new professional relationship to treasure.

Like a decent red wine, I AM reassuringly expensive. I am worth it. Don’t quibble. If you want good, then pay for good, if you want bloody great, then that’s what you get with me.

MM x

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