Ahhh Phooey….

Posted: May 5, 2017 in Daily Posts

I hate planners. I hate all planners…rotten bastards.

Yes, I have had my planning application for my own place in my garden turned down. Cost a bloody fortune and turns out it’s been rejected on a fundamental thing we should’ve had checked by the architect right at the bloody beginning.

So your Mistress is having a bloody good sulk right now…Hummph!

So, until we work out wtf to do next, I am going to be a touring Mistress.

Below is a list of great places I like and like to use, and I’m happy to see you at any of these.

The terms are the 2 hourly hire fee is paid upfront, for every session please, and for new bookings 50% is payable upfront as a deposit.

My rates per hour are now £120 an hour, to help with my fuel costs. I will only do 2 hours and upwards to 4 hours maximum per session. I only do ONE session a DAY. You get my absolute complete attention for that session on that day.

If I am travelling to Leicester or Cannock then it will be an overnight trip and I will be available for extended sessions. Mail me to ask.

For long pure rope sessions, I am prepared to use a hotel room. Depends on where and when etc.



MM x

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