Final dates for The Crimson House.

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Daily Posts

Dates for Sessions before end of May

16th Feb Oxon only
23rd Feb Oxon only
24th Feb 2-6pm Oxon Only.

27th Feb – 3rd March
Gatwick or Oxon at present any day

6th March Gatwick Only
8th March Oxon only
10th March Gatwick Only

13th-17th Oxon or Gatwick at present any day

20th, 21st, 22nd March Oxon only

27th and 28th Oxon only

Nothing in April at all.

1st May – 4th May Oxon Only

8th – 12th May Oxon only

15th – 19th May Oxon only.

That is all the dates I have for the Studio this year.
It will close on Friday 19th May.

My priority for dates will be Oxfordshire mostly, with Gatwick fitted in as necessary or if you cannot get to Oxon easily.
These dates may be subject to alteration, but not by much and the studio will be closing on Friday 19th. I will update as necessary

Please note I already have a few bookings for that last week, so if you wish to see me, please book soon.
Also if you haven’t seen me in a year and wish to see me, you will be required to pay a deposit of 50% for the booking.
Some people seem to think it’s okay to have not seen me for a year or more but still expect to be treated like a ‘regular’.….regulars are just that, they seem me often and enjoy the privileges of doing so. They take priority.

MM x

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