A week to go…

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Daily Posts

…and I feel I have been neglecting you all terribly. I have, and apologies, but it’s been necessary with so much going on.

My partner was diagnosed with prostate cancer two months ago, and this week had a radical prostectomy, and is now on the mend. I have also moved 100 miles and life is a bit chaotic.

I have missed my sessions. Really missed them, but will have to wait to the new year to get back in the saddle.

I will then be using not only my own place, for a further 5 months, but also Gatwick dungeon which I am really looking forward to using.

If you have not seen me before, you can book either Oxford or Gatwick, fees are on the website and I will look forward to seeing you and popping your submissive cherry.

To those of you who are my lovely regulars (I’ve always wondered about a collective noun for ‘regulars’. Perhaps you should all be ‘Phistovites’ or ‘Fly’s’ some such clever word which eludes me at 7pm on a Sunday evening)
I will be delighted to see you all soon. Please book up well in advance as you will have preference over dates/days/times etc.

I will be really, REALLY up for a hard rope bondage session from week beginning 3rd Jan….if you fancy some very rough treatment thats the week to book me:-/

To you all, Happy Christmas, and I will carry on my ‘nursey’ duty and then we can all get back to peace and sanity next year.

MM x

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