Grammar Schools…

Posted: September 15, 2016 in Daily Posts

…oh don’t get me started.

I was one of the last years to do the 11 plus in 1981. There was one other year after me.
It was horrible. I failed it, even though I am a really smart, bright person. This was because I was useless at doing tests. I always have been. I struggled with my O levels, and academically I was pretty rubbish.

I learn by seeing and doing.I passed my driving test first time. No books, just watching and learning. Gained my HCIMA qualification, by watching and learning. Became the first female Head chef in a chain of restaurants at 21, by watching and learning.
If you have a session with me, you’ll have probably noticed, I’m pretty damn good at what I do. Did I learn it from a book…nope, I learned it from watching and soaking up the great types of play and styles of kink from other people. I am a people sponge and

Am I stupid? Nope. Am I an idiot? Nope. I’ve run my own business and supported myself for many years now, so must be doing something right.

I cannot work out why to fix the education system they want to go backwards to some mythic golden age.
The current system is awful. I know, my kids have suffered really nicely all the way through it, and if you’re a nice middle class couple with loads of money and a you have kids, they will do just nicely going through it. If you have a child with a special need or single parent or anything else outside of aren norm, you’re pretty much screwed.
But it’s a product of a miss mash of ideas, changes and implementation by ill thought out vote chasing politicians. Take it out of the hands of politicians and it would be just fine!!!!

Education in this country doesn’t need ‘grammarising’ it needs more money to pay good teachers, the ability to get rid of bad teachers more easily, more support staff, money for kit and classrooms, building repairs, after school clubs, extra help for kids with special needs, specialist teachers and social workers IN schools to help kids who are disaffected and disadvantaged. Head teachers who care about children more than their own careers. More parent teacher interaction with single parents and those who feel ‘education is not for them’.
Less white middle class poseurs. More women, more ethic minorities, more thought, attention to detail and less stigmatisation of those who loose out now.

I survived failing my 11 plus, but for years and years I thought I was stupid and just settled for second best. The 11 plus does not enhance your life. If you are bright, you’ll do well anyhow. If you are not bright and you fail it, you end up feeling like you are a nothing. All based on one test, on one day of you life at the age of 10/11 when you’re a damn kid.


MM x

  1. Rebecca says:

    I failed my 11 plus as well! Now work in education and can see no need for grammar schools!

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