So what’s going on this week….

Posted: August 15, 2016 in Daily Posts

…well, quite a lot.

Couple of sessions, and a couple of massages, which is all good.

I then have a HUGE and I mean ENORMOUS weekend of kink kicking off on Saturday lunchtime, with a lots of good friends and please, please, please can it be sunny. It’s going to be pants if its cold, wet and rainy, which is currently what the forecast says. Humph!

Fingers crossed it changes as the week goes on. However, we’ve already got that sort of early morning autumnal thing going on, which is always a bit depressing.

I have just Wednesday free this week, for a session.  If you wish to see you need to book TODAY! Not on Wednesday morning.

By then my brain will have conjured up something else to do that day. Plus if you are new you need to pay a deposit and that takes 24 hours usually.

But it is currently free all day, so get your diary out and get sorted!!

Planning is something I do an enormous amount of. I have to. I have about 10 different lives all overlapping in different ways and only by planning everything does it all work. I have never worked out how people can be so disorganised. Seriously, you are missing out on so much in life cos you can’t be arsed to plan stuff. Plus, that way you get amazing sessions with me, cos I PLAN them….

Right off to wave a duster about for a while and then tie some one up…:-)

MM x

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