What a week…

Posted: July 31, 2016 in Daily Posts

..so had a bonkers week. It’s Sunday, so time for a recap.

As many of your know I went to Kinkfest in Brum last weekend. I presented a demo on needle play, which was nerve-wracking but good fun and ultimately we have 10 people try out needs play who had never done it before, so that’s fab.

Learning something new in a safe secure environment with the right kit and some advice it always the best way.

In that frame of mind, we went to the staples and flash cotton demo, and learned how to staple people and do pretty patterns with ribbon etc. I will have a chance to practice in a couple of weeks time. But if anyone wants to do it in session, let me know.

I attended a whip demo, and now know what I am doing wrong with my short whip, but also would love along one now… 8ft or 10ft perhaps.

I went to a great talk by Myles Jackman who is the UK’s only kink and obscenity lawyer. Very interesting about the legal side of things. The short version of the talk is – if you’re kinky and get arrested for anything, you’re fucked. Oh well….

I then went to an ‘Improvised bondage’ demo so only need shoelaces and a a few sheets of paper to tie you up, next time you come see me!!

It was a bonkers busy weekend, but great fun and I’d happily do it again.

Next week, I only have Monday and Thursday before 3pm available. Both days to regulars only.

More days free next week.

MM x




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