Being a ‘proper’ Domme…

Posted: July 29, 2016 in Daily Posts

It’s not just about the spanking and the caning and then putting the feet on ppl’s heads stuff. Nor is it about controlling a 6ft 2 bloke by text as to whether he can have a wank (which is fun, I have to say)

Being a dominant woman is my whole life. It’s every day. It’s running my own life in the way I want to run my own life. That’s everything from my ethics and politics, to how I bring up my children, run my home, who I socialise with, how I plan my future. Where I live, what I eat, who I fall in love with. It’s EVERYTHING.

I find it amusing when I get comments on my blog posts saying, ‘ We don’t want to read about your kids’.

Well, dang. You sure know who to impress a woman. Especially a DOMINANT one, who will kick your ass from here till bloody Christmas if she wants to.

Plus, dipshit, you’re missing the point.

The subs and slaves who see  me, serve me and session with me DO want to know I am fulfilled and happy and satisfied with my life. That includes my kids…cos then I am a better Domme for it.

And you know the reason you don’t have a Domme in your life…cos you’re a twat.

MM x


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