Todays session

Posted: July 19, 2016 in Daily Posts

It’s rare I post directly about a session. Even though I never mention a clients name or say directly what we may do together, even posting about any session feels like an invasion of privacy.

However, today is different. Sometimes I just have to share.

Today I saw a client who I have seen several times before and began seeing me, as a newbie, for one reason and now, following my suggestions,  it’s morphed into another.

The session still revolves around tight rope bondage but as he grows and learns and develops, I can just to more, harder, tougher, nastier and push and push and push.

As sessions go it is absolutely the most satisfying way to you can every work, as a professional dominant. He trusts me absolutely and I am blessed by that and such can do entirely as I wish.

Everytime he sees me, we expand on what we do, how long it lasts, how tight I tie, using hard rope now not soft. Incorporating some breath play, sensory deprivation, a little pain play and just upping the ante every time. Today we managed a little low, short suspension.For someone who’s never been ‘up’ in rope, it was good.

During the session, I enjoy watching his tension disappear from his body, as soon as the first tie is done. His shoulders drop, his back relax and head is less taut on his shoulders. His breathing quickens at my touch. His heart rate slows and becomes relaxed as play progresses.

By the end he is a chilled out puddle of goo. Perfect.

I love my job…


MM x

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