A good day at the office….

Posted: June 21, 2016 in Daily Posts

I love it when a sub has a great time. I love it even more when they are brand spanking new and I KNOW I’ve made a difference.  :-D


Hello Mistress,

You are absolutely fantastic at what you do.

It was clear that you did understand but today was an absolutely massive thing for me, until I actually met you it felt like a massive risk and I lost lots of sleep in the lead up to it. Today was something I have wanted to do for decades and never quite gathered the nerve, I am very glad I did and almost wonder what the fuss was about. If anyone else visits your website they really should not worry, as soon as we spoke on the telephone on the day you put me at ease and it really did just feel like two adults doing what they wanted to do.

Actually, you were doing to me what you wanted to do and i was enjoying every minute of it – it was like I had stated to arrive somewhere that I had wanted to be for longer than I can remember.

Your techniques with rope are clearly very well developed and (having agreed a three hour session next) lots more of that would be fantastic. It was amazing to be reasonably comfortable yet totally restricted (being a bit of an escape artist clearly does not work with you). I really liked the waxing – although I had no choice ;-) Perhaps that might be on more tender areas next time?

The treatment in the CBT chair was unbelievable, you pushed further than I expected but not beyond what I could cope with. A few tender bits tonight but less than expected (possibly hoped for) and it will be great to push that limit further next time and be even more tender.

One critical for me was not to have any marks and it is clear that you were extremely careful and successful on that – thank you. You can probably push that a little but more.

Clearly I am still in the trying things time and my list going forward would definitely include;

– St Andrew Cross or cuffed to the ceiling and getting a good flogging or other torture
– lots more torture all over my body particularly with the estim (perhaps when hogtied)
– spread eagle on the decking and tortured in any way you want
– lots of gagging and sensory deprivation

Having said this, one thing I have started to learn today is that I love it when you are in control so it should be what you want to do to me more than anything.

I REALLY look forward in seeing you in three weeks and being pushed to places I have never been before.

Slave X

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