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Posted: April 11, 2016 in Daily Posts

Im thinking of writing some in-depth articles about activities I do in session. I can pick the topics, but then I thought, no, how about YOU pick the topics.

What would you like to know more about? Toys, kit, styles of play, something you’ve never done.

Email me, or leave your comments here…

  1. sidney wales says:

    What about writing something about the psychology of pain ?

    As a masochist, I always appreciate the efforts of a Mistress who’s doing her best to hurt me. But even so I find that during cp an unbearable level of pain is soon reached. If Mistress simply ties me down and gives me a good thrashing sufficient to cause deep red welts, the pain is such that I really don’t take it well. Yet other equally severe punishments, such as prolonged crushing of the genitals, or being trampled by a 15-stone woman wearing stilettos, I’m quite ok with. Yet a rather lower degree of pain, eg tweaking the male nipples, I find almost unbearable.

    My point is that the enjoyment/suffering of pain seems unrelated to the degree of pain. It depends much more on the type of pain.

    It would be interesting to hear about all this from the point of view of the Mistress, eg
    Does Mistress detect these wide variations in sensitivity exist, as they punish their clients?
    Do they get to know the pain map of each of their clients?

    Do some Mistresses (though probably not Mistress M) respond to this problem by a rather general softly-softly approach? Unfortunately, that may not really help the client. If I leave a session without having suffered any noticeable pain, I feel the ache of unfulfilment deep in the pit of my stomach. And that hurts!

  2. scott north says:

    as we know, many slaves (yes, me included) are only too ready to submit to a Mistress by donning frilly underwear, sheer stockings and impossibly high heels, and then proceed to try and behave like the slutty little maid-servants they believe themselves to be.
    maybe Mistress M should write about her encounters with this type of creature, in particular, list her top ten favourite things that she enjoys watching her slutty maids doing, or trying to do.

    • Mephisto says:

      I’m not doing well with suggestions….
      I don’t have any slutty maids…
      The ones who dress I tie up, beat and abuse. They might manage a foot rub as a task, but otherwise, they are happy little cross dressing masochists.

  3. rodney burrows says:

    Dear Mistress Mephisto

    Respectful thanks for inviting suggestions about what Mistress activities you could write about in your prospective articles. As an experienced submissive I’ll try not to get carried away . . .

    What about writing about your experiences with your strap-on, in other words, describing how a Mistress feels when she’s fucking her slaves? Do you always relish it, or are you sometimes horrified by something that Mistresses are “expected to do”. How do you deal with virgins? Do you enjoy “breaking a new slave in”. Do you always prefer your victim in the doggy position, so you can take him from behind and don’t have to look him in the eyes, or do you sometimes like him to be on his back, with his legs wide apart so you can relish going down on top of him.

    Do you prefer your slaves to be in heavy bondage while you fuck them, so you can get on with the job, and don’t need to be concerned that they’ll try to fight back or escape !

    I note that there’s a picture of a fucking machine on your site, which I assume you make use of from time to time, and I wondered if slaves who are used to taking your strap-on have trouble “moving up to” the machine experience. Personally I enjoy being fucked by a woman who uses a strap-on, but I remain a fucking machine virgin and I would be quite nervous about a first encounter with a machine.

    So I hope I’ve given you some ideas for your writings . . and wish you a succesful summer of Mistressing, writing, and of course, fucking plenty of slaves . .

    Best wishes



    • Mephisto says:

      I get the feeling that’s a delve into ‘ please write me some want material Mistress’ territory? The sad news I do almost no anal play. Maybe a couple of times a year, not my cup of tea…sorry to burst your bubble.

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