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Posted: February 11, 2016 in Daily Posts

I had an email this morning accusing me of sending a ‘impersonal response to my query’ ‘ and you obviously don’t care for anyone except the money’.


Actually I get a minimum of 10 business emails a day requesting sessions or asking for advice or just generally chewing the fat.

My priorities are:

  1. Previous clients first
  2. First time mails where they have followed my directions and advice to book for a first time by reading my website.
  3. Mails where they haven’t followed my directions and advice but still might do if advised to read my website.
  4. Ones unlikely to achieve a booking because they won’t follow the advice even when previously told to read my website.
  5. Anything else including repeated time wasters who refuse to follow advice and can’t be arsed to read my website.

I have a ‘How to book page‘ on my website, which tells you how to do it.

I have an availability calendar on my website to help choose a day.

I provide EVERYTHING you need to know about how to see me, on my comprehensive, thorough and very time consuming website. It’s my primary platform of advertising, so it has to be good!!

If I replied individually with all the info you needed to every mail, at 20 minutes a mail, that would be 200 minutes a day….

Quite frankly I don’t have that much time in my life, especially as most mails come to nothing and are just asking for wank fodder (Oh please tell me what you will do with me Mistwess!!!!)

I don’t take calls for similar reasons. If I did I would never get anything done in my life!

I don’t sit about all day eating bon bons and having foot rubs taking your calls….I wish!

I am a successful business woman with three businesses. I’m busy.

The other day a sub contacted me and within 2 hours he had made a provisional booking, paid a deposit had confirmation and saw me 48 hours later. It can be done…get yourself organised and follow my guidelines. He did and we had the most fabulous session and I look forward to seeing him again soon (even though his bottom broke one of my new canes!!!)

MM x

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