Differences between Mistresses.

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Daily Posts

And there are of course huge ones.

Not just in the usual looks, attitude, style of play etc but one thing that I should make clear about myself is I do lo n g sessions.

An hours play is the absolute minimum for me. I’m just getting started at an hour…

Two hours is normal, three often and four now and again.

I’m not a production line of 30 minute ‘spank and wanks’ is do REAL BDSM. Which involves interaction between the two people involved. That means you may have to, wait for it, actually like me….instead of just seeing me as a chick with a whip. Sorry about that, bit of a sod and all…..

If you see me as ‘just’ a service provider, then you’re really not getting it.

Someone once asked me if I did ‘good’ sessions. I replied, ‘ Yes, but it’s the great ones I really enjoy’.

Speaking of which, I’m off to enjoy myself now…. :-)

MM x

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