In my imaginary world…

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Daily Posts

Dear Mistress Mephisto,

Thank you for yesterdays session, it was amazing.

I love seeing you and always have an amazing time during our sessions.

Our 5 years together have been exciting, thrilling and  the longer I get to know you my submission deepens and I get more and more satisfaction for each appointment.

I know you always put 100% into your session with me, and every person you session with, and may you long continue to see subs and slaves who should appreciate all you do for them, as I do.


your loyal slave


I do get mails like this, which I love, but I’d like more mails like it and less asking for discounts, free sessions, prescriptive fantastical idiocy, moaning about unfulfilled unrealistic expectations, passive aggressive nonsense, freebies and misogynistic bullshit.

If you new years resolution was to finally see a professional Mistress, terrific. If it entails being a twat in the process, that’s not so great.

THINK about what you are asking.

  1. Is it unrealistic?
  2. Is it impinging in Mistress’s personal life?
  3. If Mistress was a guy, would you still ask the same questions/queries? ( I bet you wouldn’t)
  4. Are you taking the piss and don’t care because she is a Mistress?



MM x

Replies welcome...

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