Free today – another TW

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Daily Posts

Yup another time wasting twat ( if you can’t do it, don’t book it) so I have today free if anyone wants to make a short notice booking.

For all of you out there who have to come up with a variety of excuses to wriggle out of a booked session. There are two distinct varieties to work from:

  1. Just don’t text – the Mistress can then spend the morning getting herself ready for the session, organising her life, her family and everything she needs to do for that day while assuming that the confirmation text will arrive by the appointed time.
  2. Use a great excuse – ‘The car has broken down’, ‘The dog is sick’, ‘I have to work’ are all good ones. Others of a lesser used variety are – ‘I am having a mid life crisis’, ‘I’m not sure you are real’ and I’m broke’. All sent of course, after having conversed in over a dozen mails back and forth to the Mistress over a period of many days discussing the session to come. Many mails will have been sent at 10 or 11pm in the evening, thus disturbing the Mistress’s personal time. (And requiring immediate replies of course.) Never add ‘Sorry’ to the text or mail, that would make you genuine. Be sure that when the Mistress responds to your excuse in an annoyed and irritated manner, having just lost a days work, that you reply with a text full of vile abuse. That will always endear you to the Mistress.

Be sure to then email her within a couple of months to try to resume the relationship and book another session. She will of course delighted to correspond with you and not remember you as she doesn’t keep long lists of timewasters email and phone numbers.

MM x

PS About a million sarcasm fairies died to make this blog post…..

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