Fantasy and Reality…..and the Holy Unicorns….

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Daily Posts


Fantasy’s are fab.

We all have them,

Mine are pervier than most and often involve chocolate, the local rugby team all blindfolded and 10 cartons of whipped cream.

However, I know it’s just a fantasy. Is it based on something that happened to me as a child, maybe, well, the chocolate bit is anyhow, the rest not till I hit 18, but whatever.

I know that my fantasy will never be real. Even if I pay someone to create them. I could only have a bit of it, or maybe adapt it, or even compromise and settle for Horlicks and a Hobnob instead of the chocolate. That would work for me.

But it will NEVER be real. It’s a fantasy. That’s why it’s called a fantasy.

To approach someone who has the talent and skill to do something you specifically you want is great. Kink has LOADS of really talented people in it, professional and supportive and giving Tops.

To then tell them you want it ‘your’ way, cos it’s your fantasy, but you tried to do it before, several times, with several people and it didn’t work…well…..umm….but you want to try it again, but you hope they won’t disappoint them…..Kind of setting yourself up for a fall??

Maybe, just maybe, it didn’t work because it was your fantasy and you refused to change any little bit of it? Maybe that’s why it wasn’t good?

Maybe, you need to think about how to take that fantasy and adapt it to something called ‘ reality’. Maybe skip the whipped cream due to the lactose allergy and go with warm sticky marshmallow? The rugby club are on tour, so give the fire brigade a ring? Or the local All female jelly wrestling team?

That could work…

In short, stop searching for the holy unicorn of fantasies. Life is too frigging short.

MM x

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