So you want to see a professional Dominant?

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Daily Posts

Always fancied the idea, but not sure what will happen?

Below is a short, guide to how I conduct my own sessions. The guide only applies to MY sessions as every Mistress/Dominant works in a different way. However, a few basics should always be observed by any good practitioner.

  1. You contact me by email, as I don’t take calls and you should be asking for a day, time and length of session. Plus informing me of your past experience if any, and any health issues you have.
  2. I reply, we fix day and time and I give you directions which you follow carefully.
  3. You turn up at the appointed time, never late, that’s very bad manners. Good attitude and behaviour is paramount to me.
  4. On arrival you will be offered the chance to use the toilet, and offered a drink.
  5. We will sit in my lounge, comfortably and I will go over the info you have already given me, regards to experience and health. You can offer more detail and I will ask specific questions about your fetishes, desires and what you hope to get out of the session. While we are talking I will be assessing your nervousness, how stressed you are and will make a judgement on how long we sit and talk before playing.
  6. It is usually while we are sat that you will give me my agreed fee.
  7. I will give you instructions, before we move to the playroom, on how to address me. We will discuss how much control you are willing to relinquish, depending on your experience.
  8. We then move to the playroom, you undress (and redress if you cross dress) and we begin.


I am not going to go into any details about the actual play part of the session as what I do with any client/sub/slave is between them and myself. So if you want to know about that, you’ll have to come and see me!

The world of kink and BDSM has never been so easy to access or widely available and for many it’s opened up a part of them that never believed existed. In my tenth year of professional work, 2016, why not take that last step and make an appointment?

MM x

Replies welcome...

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