Foot worship 101

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Daily Posts

I had an amazing session with a new sub the other day, and he’d mentioned he enjoyed foot worship in our chat before the session, and it quickly transpired he didn’t just like them he LOVED them!

Now fetishes are odd things. Obviously very personal to the people who have them, and sometimes so personal they don’t appeal, make an impression or sometimes require the involvement of the anyone other than the person who has them.
Sometimes the fetish is just plain boring for a watcher or another participant…

However, foot worship is a deeply interactive fetish but frequently done so badly it makes you want to scream.

This lovely sub, had really got it nailed.
Bear in mind he’d only met me that day….

He made lovely sounds when I ran my feet over his face. His eyes lit up. He stroked them gently when allowed, he was effusive in his thanks and as his reaction was so good, worship them with his tongue and then I let him massage them and finally wash them and kiss them in thanks.

The massage was a PROPER massage i.e. he applied a reasonable amount of pressure on the soles, with his fingertips (we walk on them all day, with a lot of weight on them, so just ticking them, is a waste of time)
He really rubbed in the lotion I had provided, which makes the whole action of flesh on flesh more comfy and enjoyable.
He squeezed the heels, got his fingers in between the toes and also supported my leg while rubbing the foot. Nothing worse than having your leg floating about in mid air, it makes it ache and is uncomfy.

He was a delight, and had obviously spent time thinking about how to do it, practiced, worked out what felt nice and what didn’t and to me it’s a classic example of how a fetish works.
I am happy to indulge most fetishes, but if you come to me having not thought it through, prepared and in a half assed stupid way, it’s not fun. I certainly won’t do it twice!

Think boys!!!

This lovely sub will be welcome back anytime….he got it RIGHT!

MM x

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