Once again…how to book with me…

Posted: July 20, 2015 in Daily Posts

I have had a rash of pointless bookings over the last week…so let’s go over this again.

In bold and in capitals –


I only take bookings by email – no phone calls. I do this for good reasons : it’s discreet, it allows time to read and reply to the mail at my convenience, and it means I keep a visual record of what we have discussed ( which if I have 5 or 6 subs in a week is necessary). It also means I keep a written record of email addresses, names etc for the ‘wankers’ list, which cuts down pointless time replying to emails that will go no where.

If you can’t email me to book for whatever reason, then I’m sorry, you won’t get to see me.

I used to take phone bookings a long time ago. I used to be 10-15 calls a day, and about 1 a week might turn into a bookings. It was a waste of MY time….

Here is how to book:

1) Look at my availability calendar, where it says ‘Available’ pick a day and time.

My fees are 60 minutes – £100, 90 mins – £150 OR 2 hours – £200

Longer sessions are by arrangement (and you will have to have seen me at least once)

Please note before you book, there is NO public transport to my studio. Access is by your own vehicle.

2) Email me at mistress.mephisto@gmail.com a concise mail about your experience (if none, say so) health, hard limits, anything you particularly enjoy and anything else you feel is relevant.

I no longer do same day sessions. I am extremely busy, I will take a booking weeks in advance. As such, I do not need to take same day sessions, and as I enjoy time to prepare, I choose not to take them any more. I need a minimum of 48 hours/2 days before a booking.

I DO NOT take bookings by phone

3)You MUST text me before 9am on session day to confirm your attendance for pre booked sessions.

4)On the day follow the instructions I give you carefully on how to find me. Print the directions off and take them with you. Or use a Sat nav.

5) If you don’t treat me with respect and courtesy, don’t expect it returned.



If you have emailed me, then requested a phone call, you won’t get one. Use an email address I CAN reply to.


Replies welcome...

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