The Joys of Painting…

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Daily Posts

…..There are none.

Nor filling holes, glossing woodwork nor washing out rollers…

Yes, I am decorating. My lounge was in sore need of an upgrading, having last been visited by the paintbrush fairy in 2000. Yes, seriously.

So it’s Taupe and Yellow…oh yes, we’ve gone all modern.

However whilst struggling to do the last bit of the ceiling it did occur to me, wtf am I doing this? Why do I not have a Decorating sub?

So that’s it, I will henceforth be forming a stable of suitable recruits:

Accountant sub

Building sub – already taken, thank you

Decorating sub

Toilet licking sub

Footstool sub

Massage sub – already taken, thank you

Michelin starred chef sub

Cocktail barman sub

Remote control finder sub

Hot chocolate at ten sub

the list is endless…..I will need at least 50 and then there’s the harem for sexual services….:-P


Can you tell I’ve been sniffing too much Dulux?

MM x

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