Posted: May 21, 2015 in Daily Posts
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I love the minutes I have before beginning a session.

The whole routine of choosing what to wear, dressing, make up, a quite cup of coffee while making notes and thinking through ideas that I want to do to the victim of the day.

Getting out kit, toys and bits and pieces, while being careful to hide them away if possible, otherwise they know the minute they walk in the room which way a session is going to go.

The anticipation of waiting for them to turn up. Knowing they will be feeling nervous, anxious and excited.

Regulars will have the usual buzz of adrenaline they get before we begin to play. They may need to dress and make up before we commence, something I enjoy watching

I enjoy the silence of my studio. Nothing but the wind through the trees and maybe a little quiet background music – always the same music, which puts me in the right head space.

Do I need to be hard or soft. Menacing or coaxing. Pliant or immovable. Is the session preprepared or at my whim?

Everything to be enjoyed. Savoured. Devoured. The interaction creating a screech of electricity flitting between the pair of us. Initially all sparks, but soon a low voltage rumble…

Delicious to behold….

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