A really nice review….

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Daily Posts
I always enjoy feedback on sessions. It helps to improve what I do and how I do it, plus makes it that much more enjoyable/painful/horrid for the sub or slave!
Here’s a lovely mail I received last week:
Dear Mistress,
I very much enjoyed meeting  you  yesterday.  Thank you for a most interesting and pleasingly kinky first session, the best that I have had as an induction by/introduction to a new Mistress for many years. 
The things that I particularly enjoyed about our session were:
  • Your style and personality:  I felt very much at ease with you from the start of the session, and in my view your in-session persona combined just the right combination of wit, naughtiness, and downright ‘pleasure-at-my-sub’s-discomfort’ attitude.  I do like a Mistress who ‘sympathises’ with a sub eg: “Oh you poor thing, are your tits getting sore??LoL” and adds the odd bitchy remark for good measure.  Equally, I found our conversation out of session very natural and easy.
  • Your skill.   You most certainly do know how to tie a sub up – wow!! It’s so reassuring to a bondage-lover like me to know that the restraints will be properly [and safely] applied, and that there will be no getting out of them any time soon.  I have from time to time sessioned with dommes who, to be honest, don’t really have much ability when it comes to tying a sub up properly, and this can be so dispiriting. Yes, I am a wriggler, and if I need to be punished in future for struggling too much then so be it…gulp! But, thank you for your rope skills – that in itself left me quite elated after the session, quite apart from anything else….
  •  The ambience of the session was, I thought, just right.  I am not one for dommes who are too domineering.  Yes, of course the Lady is in charge and in control, but I far prefer a Domme with a sense of humour who demonstrates empathy rather than aloofness.  There is always a place for punishment in a session, but I do not play to be punished – I play because it is fun primarily..  and OK, secondarily because I have a masochistic and kinky streak which is fairly broad !!!. I liked the sense of fun that you brought to our proceedings.
I also much enjoyed:
  •  Being gagged [of course]
  • Having my cock waxed and the ‘crown of thorns’– I really did ! – the electrical play, and the nipple play
  • Your hands and fingers, applied to squeeze, tease, slap and tickle.  Mmmnnnn…
  • The well applied ‘magic wand’ – I should say ‘thank you’ for allowing me to cum, Mistress
          Could anything have been better for a first session? Just a couple of observations if I may:
  • Naturally, you started moderately in applying ‘discomfort’ in our session.  Without sounding like a pain-bunny, I am capable of taking pain at a level a couple of notches higher…so perhaps a little tougher on the tit play, electrics, cbt and spanking when we next session, gradually testing my limits?  I am not averse at all to leaving a session with nipples that smart for a day or two after, a similarly sore cock, and a nice ‘hot bot’ all aglow from a solid and well applied spanking…and of course a big grin on my face at the delicious discomfort and humiliation of the preceding couple of hours at the hands of an expert Dominatrix who has made her male subject squeal…just a little anyway.
  •  I’m a bit ‘greedy’ when it comes to being able to see what is going on in the session, although I also recognise that power over any of the sub’s senses during the session rests with the Domme. So…my preference [given any say in the matter??] on blindfolds is to use these mainly as either ‘punishments’ ie: not being able to observe Mistress;, or as part of a sensory deprivation scene – and I do like sensory deprivation…so long as I can breathe properly. As a sub I like to be helpless, which includes being gagged, but to be allowed to see what is going on – even if this is for a few minutes at a time.  I have also to say, frankly, that it was a delight to be topped by such a wonderfully curvy lady as yourself, and so being blindfolded for much of the session was just a little frustrating.  But I do understand fully that it is your preference that counts on this….as everything else
  • Last of all..what any amazing play space!!  I am enthralled at the quality of your dungeon.  And who would ever suppose that it is where it is, in the midst of rural South Oxfordshire.  It’s enough to make a respectable person blush…perhaps…???
  I’m grateful to you for offering to have me back to play some more. I do hope that we can find a suitable time for a two-hour session sometime fairly soon – I  may be able to make a date in about three week’s time.  The prospect of being made to ‘ride’ the pony, trussed and tit clamped with the flick of a crop on my backside to ensure good ‘riding posture’ is maintained, is just so enticing.  Likewise perhaps, being hoisted on to tippy-toes and enjoying a little predicament bondage…
I will also be delighted to attempt to please you with some shoe/foot worship…perhaps on pain of electrics up to at least two-thirds power if I fail to please??
Sorry then for a long e-mail, but I hope the above is of some interest.  Thank you again for a most enjoyable time,
best wishes,
  1. Harry says:

    Looking forward to my first session with Madame Mephisto even more after reading this N.B. I am also a pain slut so happy to have it up a notch or two :-)

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