Website designs or how to lure the lovely subby to your door….

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Daily Posts

I’ve had an interesting email exchange with a designer this week over my website.
He contacted me, as many designers do, offering to redesign and upgrade etc the site for a fee.
I replied as usual saying ‘Thanks but no thanks’.
He replied with ‘But I can make your site better and draw more customers.’
So I, feeling devilish, said ‘How?’
His next reply was long-winded and basically said, here is a selection of sites I have built for Mistress’s (four of them) and you can see the design, and their business has improved etc.

So I had a look at the sites. Very smart, nicely designed and plenty of info etc. Then it dawned on me they were all the same ‘style’ of Mistress. Offered almost exactly the same services and sessions.

So unimpressed I didn’t bother to reply.
Lo and behold, the following morning, a mail from him dropped into my inbox. ‘How did you like the sites?’
I replied,’They were very nice and very similar, same sessions types, same sort of pics. So thanks but no thanks.’

He replied in summation. ‘But that what works. Brings in punters, shows off the girls to their best advantage’.

Blimey. I realised he is seeing domming as just a commodity. Which many do. And perhaps I’m dum and missing a trick, but it’s not a one size fits all. It’s tailored to each subs need and each Mistress’s particular set of talents.

So no site redesign. I quite like mine as it is thank you!

MM x

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