Kink Connections

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Daily Posts

Sometimes you read a snippet here or there written by another kinkster and it triggers something.
I did so this morning. It was about making connections with the person you are tying up.
The person who ties is generally known as a ‘rigger’ the person being tied is a ‘bunny’.
Not universal terms but well recognised among most people who tie.

I prefer ‘Mistress’ and ‘victim’ but then I’m a bad girl…..

However, the thought behind the writing was this riggers connection with the bunny he ties. How he connects with her and so forth. He was being very loving and sexual in his description, something which generally doesn’t happen to me on a professional basis.
But after a fairly intense session with a brand new sub yesterday, where, I didn’t use a lot of rope, only a little, where I seemed to have created a new fabulous connection, it struck a chord with me that I have the ability to turn that connection ability on and tune into someone.

Obviously in a professional capacity, if I see someone, who doesn’t appeal to me personally, I still have to be able to ‘do my job’. So I always get along on some level.
However, if you do connect with them, it’s suddenly a lot more intense and deeper and sort of sexier……

Thankfully, because I am pretty damn picky about who I see, vetting people thoroughly before they walk through my door, this happens a lot. Which I’m very happy with, because without that connection, spark, mojo or whatever you want to call it, my sessions would be pretty mundane and boring.

And they are not, which is fab!

MM x

  1. gerald morse says:

    longing to see you and hope you fall for me and us a little

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