No more calls…

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Daily Posts

Due to yet another timewasting tosspot who booked, by phone, and yet again has decided not to text/call or have the decency to cancel, so I have another wasted day – I am no longer taking any new bookings by phone.

I started doing so last July when I opened the Studio, and since then have had 272 calls, only 3 have actually resulted in subs who have booked and actually turned up. 17 have been bookings that have not showed/called to cancel or confirm.

However in the same period I have had many more email bookings and only ONE has been a no show.

So I think that says it all doesn’t it?

On the whole, if you have the inclination and can take the time to send me an email, you are serious about actually seeing me.

So I’m removing my phone number from my site and adverts. If you have previously seen me, and booked by phone, by all means use the number to contact me to book again.

I should also add, that I have over 250 contacts on the phone and more than 200 have the prefix ‘TW’ next to them…
I’m sure what you can work out what that stands for….

No having to answer so many stupid calls, I will have more time for emails. So if you haven’t spoken to me in a while, or are currently laid up ill ( as a few of you are) drop me a mail…I’d love to hear from you!

MM x

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