Posted: January 5, 2015 in Daily Posts

New year, new ideas…and newbies.

Lots of people calling me, which is lovely BUT you need to have an idea of what you are after.
I don’t read minds…
Saying you ‘just want me in control’…no problem but of what? You cock, your brain, your credit card? I can do all three…not necessarily at once… :-P

Most people fall into three categories:

1) submissive – wants to experience be made to do tasks, perform, serve, a powerful woman who makes them feel humiliated and put in their place.
2) Masochist – likes pain being inflicted on them in a safe, sane and consensual way by a sadist ( me!) to prescribed and agreed limits.
3) Fetishist – likes, feet, shoes, bums, cardigans ( yes, seriously), red lipstick, latex, smoking, cross dressing, etc

Sometimes these ideas are isolated, other times they intermingle and overlap ie the cross dresser who likes CBT
Or a submissive who enjoys having the soles of his feet beaten if he doesn’t lick the toilet clean fast enough.

You’re getting the idea??
Kinksville 101….

So, terrific you are ringing, emailing, etc, but have an idea of what you are, and what makes you tick, cos if you can’t tell me and give me a baseline to start the ball rolling, we’ll go nowhere fast.

MM xx

Replies welcome...

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