Availability in Jan 2015

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Daily Posts

Yes, I know we haven’t even got Christmas out the way and I’m already taking about work in Jan…
I’m a busy Lady…

I AM going to be having a really busy Jan, with a lot happening the first week and I’m away on holiday in the last week, so if you were planning of seeing me, you need to think ahead.
I know quite a few of you had busy, or are still having a busy time this month, please check my calendar for the next few weeks and if you can, book or provisionally book in advance.

I have had one to two new-ish regulars slightly bemused at having to book two or three weeks in advance to see me, but I run three businesses, frequently travel and work away, and also have a very busy family and social life.

If you want my attention, you need to work to my rules. But those of you who are my regulars, know it pays off.
I have never been, nor ever will be a ‘spank and wank’ Mistress nor a ‘turn up in 10 minutes’ Mistress.

I have submissives who have been my regulars for more than 5 years… and many more than 3 years. I think that speaks volumes.

My time with you is planned, organised and very particular and precise in its application.
Quality costs and is well worth the preparation.

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Mistress Mephisto x

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