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Posted: December 11, 2014 in Daily Posts

Having been at the new venue for 6 months now, and it’s been a good six months with lots of success.

I’m now hitting my stride as to the way things are working, with professional sessions, private hire and monthly events.

We are busy. Which is very satisfying, and I’m going to be changing a few things in the new year.

Firstly my price structure:

I will only be offering hour or two hour sessions.
An hour will be £120 and two hours £200.
I’m basing these on the fact I have my own place, I only do ONE session a day, and I’m bloody good!
I can’t see the point of 90 mins.
I will be offering longer sessions, domestic service ones and also bi based ones, but you will HAVE to have seen me several times to have earned the privilege of these. I’m not spending hours organising something to have people drop out, bugger off or plain mess me about.

Quality costs…and I’m worth it.

Secondly I will no longer be offering same day sessions.
They usually end up being booked by time wasters, who are bored and fancy annoying a Mistress.
If you wish to see me then you need to book in advance. 24 hours is fine, longer is better.

I will also be extending my session, as I only do one a day, so you will get a minimum of 10 mins before a session to get into it and at least 15 mins afterwards to relax. Half an hour is fine. If you need to be elsewhere quickly, no problem, but otherwise, a cuppa and a chat are always good after heavy and/or intense play.

Private hire is going to continue along the lines of £40 per hour or 4 hours for £100 plus 30 mins either end for wind up and wind down.
Anyone hiring for private hire, needs to visit me beforehand, to make sure the premises are what you require.

Lastly, private events. Some of you already attend these, again they are personal invitation, not publicised and either myself or my partner need to have met you before you get an invite.

Overall, we are going up on quality, and down on timewasting twats.
First and foremost, my premises are my business and they are run as such. I’m not a charity, push over or have need of people who think as such.

For those of you who appreciate, who I am and what I do.
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Mistress Mephisto x

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