The Rise of the Disco Domme

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Daily Posts

She is glitzy and shiny with the light richocheting off her too tight, cheap PVC. Her make up just a little too loud, which matches her ATTITUDE – KNEEL BEFORE ME, BITCH!!!

She is a product of the internet – constructed from bad femdomme porn, self congratualtory dominant idiot groups on kinky websites and has enough delusional self belief she can have a new sub on his knees in seconds.
Sadly, seconds is all she has to give you, before she moves onto the next willing victim.

She is a ‘Pro’ too…not for money, but takes a ‘gift’ or a ‘present’. But actively despises those who are actual professionals. You know, the ones who buy proper kit and have a place to do the biz? Unlike her with the cheap horsewhip and Ann Summers cuffs.

She is never happier than with a stable full of twitching bitches. Dozens hanging on her every word. Soaking up that honey coated monologue of crass platitudes posted daily on her Twitter account.
Trotting on her too high heels between tea parties, spanking parties and still manages to look perfect at 3am in the morning – usually cos she has done nothing but sit on her ass all night.

God how I hate her….

Real kink is just that, REAL. It takes time, patience and commitment.
Don’t fall for the pretty, pretty.
If you want a real Domme who will frighten the fuck out of you, make you piss your pants, and simultaneously create intense devotion that lasts years, pick the ugly ones who get sweaty.
The ones who’s make runs down their face, kick their heels off after 30 minutes, and swear like troopers when they mess up.

The ones who look you in the eyes and make your legs turn to jelly.

Yeah, you’ll know who they are, cos when you meet one, you’ll just know….

MM x

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