A busy week.

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Daily Posts

A Saturday night in! Wow…

Unusual for me and really rather nice.

It’s been a very busy week. The Studio is not completely functional, if not 100% pretty. The pretty bits will be done over the next few weeks, but to be honest a couple of weeks of no DIY might be nice! ( I doubt I’ll manage it, but we’ll try)

I’ve also had some amazing sessions this week. From the very experienced to the absolute novice and all an absolute joy.

I’ve spent a little time today, making a new rope flogger. A bit like a cat o’nine tails. Works quite nicely. I may soak it in water before tying someone to my decking and flogging the pants off them if the sun comes out again.

Eye patches and parrots will be optional.

I’m off to watch ancient episodes of The West Wing…


MM x

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