A good Bank Holiday

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Daily Posts

I usually hate bank holidays. I am the miserable old sod grumbling about them impacting on GDP.

So when I can I work them, cos otherwise it’s rain and crap TV.


So to work on a bank holiday and have a new REAL sub come  long was just peachy.

A real ‘Do what you want Mistress’ sub. Rare as hen’s teeth, and bloody marvellous!

So I did…and by jove, he only enjoyed it!!!

Nice marks left on his back, a frazzled cock and balls that went all the way to 99 on my electrics box. Very impressive!!

He’s going in my ‘keeper’ net.


So after having enjoyed today so much, with the real McCoy, let’s just go over a few things again, for anyone thinking of seeing me:

1) I’m a REAL Dominant woman.

2) I’m a REAL Dominant woman.

3) I do not do what YOU tell me to.

4) You do what I tell you to do.

5) No roleplay, no fixed activities, no ‘I want’.

6) I do REAL BDSM play – so bondage and restraint especially with rope, electrics, wax play, sensory deprivation, flogging and impact play, sounds, anal play, etc etc. I do a large selection of these in one session. I do not do single activity or Cor Pun sessions.( I recommend Mistress Siren for those)

7) I wear my choice of clothes…not yours. I’m not a bloody barbie doll.


I’m off for a large glass of decent red wine and some bagpipes…





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