New toys to play with!

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Daily Posts

Umm…I’m a bad girl. But you ALL know that… :-)

I keep buying new bits and pieces for the studio.

This weeks haul – a pair of suspension cuffs, a lovely wooden paddle, a black polypropylene feed stirrer ( which feels like a paddle but leaves marks like a cane!),  a wooden hairbrush ( for spanking, not for my head) two new floggers one of which is a thick leather dragon tail, which packs a sting like a psychotic wasp.

Two wigs for crossdressing, one coal black, the other dark brown, and both shoulder lengthish. ( Should have size 12 thigh length boots by end of next week I hope, they are on a slow boat from China!)

A Jennings gag for keep mouths open at the right moments, and lastly oh, a 3m x 4m marquee.

I’m christening it the ‘Marquee de Sade’ room….:-P

So free days are Mon, Tues and Wed – who want to try out some new bits and pieces…

:flex’s fingers::

Replies welcome...

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