Posted: August 11, 2014 in Daily Posts

I often end up chatting to subs and slaves after a session about what they have done previously.

Now, I’m not bothered about who or what they have seen, that’s between them and the Domme, unless they mention they’ve had a bad/dangerous or poor encounter then I do tend to take note of a name, but often they tell me that they stop seeing a Domme because they do the same things over and over again with them.

Okay, well, that’s not good if they have a huge repertoire of activities they enjoy, and she just does the same three or four things. However if they  are working in a TPE way, it’s her prerogative and  the sub needs to communicate with the Domme politely,  that it’s not doing it for him and I should hope she will listen and then they can  move on to new pastures.

But I have to say it’s not always the Domme’s fault if your session is predictable.

Almost all the calls and bookings I reject are from subs, slaves and bottoms who are wanting a prescriptive couple of activities.

In fact I have recently decided I am no longer going to do any type of disciplinarian style session’s cos quite frankly they bore me to tears. There are many other Dommes who do it better than I, so go see them.

To my mind, coming to me and asking for an hour foot worship, or caning, or OTK is a bit like asking Naomi Campbell to turn up to a cat walk show wearing jeans and  a pretty pair of slippers….nice but not really playing to her full strength.

I have experience in, hold your breath now :

Bondage, needleplay, hooding and gagging, nipple torture, CBT, impact play with a dozen implements including a 3ft whip. Wax, electrics, stress positions, anal play, prostate massage, sounds, forced orgasms, watersports, abandonment play, mummification, smothering and breathplay, mental domination, serious humiliation, prolonged domestic play, rope suspension, using subs as furniture, water torture, breast play etc etc….I’m sure I’ve missed some out.


So come on boys, be brave. I’m happy to cane the arse off you, but admit you like it, admit you want to take as many as you can, not just a prescribed number, AND try some CBT or another activity too. You MIGHT just like it!

Replies welcome...

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