Some clarification…

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Daily Posts

…for those of you who like stereotypes.


1) I will not fuck you. You’re never going to be that lucky.

2) I’m a BDSM dominant, not a model. I am clean, tidy, presentable and wear make up. That’s your lot.

3) I don’t wear leather or latex…I’m a BDSM dominant not a clothes horse. Being wrapped in a tight fitting, hot, restrictive outfit while swinging you off the ceiling is a bad idea. By that point in a session I’m usually down to my stockings, bra and knicks. Taking my clothes off does not mean I will fuck you ( see point 1) it just means  am hot and sweaty.

4) I am a BDSM dominant – I will not suck your cock, show you my pussy, cunt or any other bits of my anatomy you might fancy.

5) I am a BDSM dominant – I will put your body through enough pleasure and pain to make you scream, cry, giggle, moan and purr. None of this means I will fuck you.

6) Have you noticed a theme to this mini rant….

7) If you turn up to a session with me, and are a closet misogynist, or have a passive aggressive attitude – you and I are going to have a tiresome, ill tempered boring session. Cos I still will not fuck you.

Okay I’m done now… ;-/

Replies welcome...

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