School room event – Friday 18th July – 6pm-9pm

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Daily Posts

Mistress Mephisto is pleased to announce that on Friday 18th July, she will be holding the first term of Bottomley’s School for Boys and Girls.

Term time will start at 6pm and last till 9pm.

There will be a HeadMistress – Mistress Siren and a Matron – Mistress Mephisto in attendance.
If you wish to attend you meed to report to Matron ( Mistress Mephisto) by email to , the fee will be £100.
There will be 6 pupils attending for this particular term.

You will be expected to be well behaved, do you school work properly including spellings, and Matron will deal with be on hand for all your medical needs should they arise, such as sticking plasters on sore bottoms, massaging on chinese burn cream and dishing out thick ears to miscreants.

School uniform is to be worn, short trousers expected, although long, with a shirt and tie is acceptable.
Bonus points for blazers and school hats will be awarded.
Girls – knee length skirt and blouse or summer dress.
Bring your own pencil case and ruler.

All enquiries to

Replies welcome...

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