Kick Off Sunday 22nd June…

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Daily Posts

No, not THAT sort of kick off…in fact football is banned in my presence for the next month, anyone mentioning it will be 10 cane strokes.

My new place will kick off on Sunday 22nd June. I already have my first booking that day, but will be available the week after from Monday to Thursday, from 8am to 11pm.
I can be booked either by email, as usual or by calling me on 07553722936. I will have my phone on from 9am to about 4pm most days. If you cannot get through, try again. No with held numbers, and no texts will be answered.
Be polite, concise and no one handed phone calls please!!

I’ll have pictures up and more words, and advert changes done next week, but in essence we’re ready to roll.

I am having a bespoke suspension rig built this week, along with a couple of new bits of furniture.
The shower will be ready by end of July. It’s needs a base building, plumbing in a then the walls tiled or similar. But I will be available for watersports from end of July.

It’s all terribly exciting!!!

  1. John says:

    Just viewed the photos of your new play space – wow, it looks absolutely sumptuous

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